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Getting Ready for Winter

Windows in the Winter

Winter House

Winter is  just around the corner! In Chicago the temperatures are dropping and  snow will be along any day.  With the cold and the time of year certain homeowner concerns crop up – namely the cold and window condensation.

Here are two amazing documents that you can read and download that give plenty of information on the causes and cures for condensation:

Condensation Fact Sheet

Cardinal Fact Sheet



Condensation isn’t caused by windows, but they often get the blame! Condensation is caused by humidity and temperature combining to hit  a ‘dew-point’ which is the moment when moisture in the air forms into water.  By following the instructions on the two fact sheets condensation can be radically reduced if not eliminated completely.

The Three Main Factors of Condensation


The lower the temperature the lower the dewpoint for moisture to form




As the temperature lowers outside it’s important to lower the humidity in the home.  If it gets to 20 below outside inside humidity should be lower than 15%.



Air Circulation

Air circulation can stop condensation forming – think of the mirror in your bathroom after taking a shower – allow air to circulate and the condensation dissipates.


Control the heat, control the humidity and control the air circulation and you will be controlling the condensation!

Don’t let the winter blues get to you – keep your home warm and insulated with Climate Solutions Windows & Doors.  Condensation is controllable with minimal adjustments that well ensure you have a dry and healthy home.

Snow Smilie

All Climate Solutions Vinyl Windows & Doors are energy efficient, using our CS Ultra Spacer® and Low-E glass technology to help save up to 25% on your energy bills.  For more information, or if you are looking for an authorized Climate Solutions partner please get in touch here!

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Why Vinyl Windows Are The Right Windows

Why Vinyl Windows?

At Climate Solutions Windows & Doors we manufacture Vinyl Windows and Doors because we truly believe it to be the best material for new construction and replacement windows.  Whether it’s for commercial or residential application read on to find out why Vinyl Windows and Doors are the best option for your project!

Casement Vinyl Window

energy-star-seal-high-res-1  1. Energy Efficiency

Vinyl Windows offer exceptional thermal performance and energy efficiency, in fact all Climate Solutions Windows & Doors can meet and exceed Energy Star standards.  What’s the big deal with Energy Efficiency?  Very simply it saves money on energy bills!  The vinyl has many chambers, which act as insulating pockets to help keep energy from transferring – something you can’t get with traditional wood windows.  Combine the super quality of our frames with the outstanding Low Emissivity Glass and you’ll see the true value of vinyl.

Climate Solutions Chicago

Deceuninck 2. Quality

Not all vinyl is the same and there are inferior products out there.  For our vinyl windows we use only the best:  Deceuninck Sunshield® Vinyl.  The Sunshield® Technology has superior weatherability and performance to regular vinyl that is more commonly used by other manufacturers.  It’s one of the reasons we’re so happy to offer our Lifetime Warranty covering the vinyl because we know it won’t pit, rot, warp, peel or have any defects and it’s the best available.  Another advantage of vinyl and the multi-chambered profiles is that they can be designed to significantly reduce sound transmittance in the home / office.  Climate Solutions Windows are not just assembled in America, they are proudly Made In America.

SunshieldVinyl Profiles


price-icon  3. Price

Vinyl Windows save you money not only on your household bills but it is also significantly less than Wood or Fiberglass Windows to purchase, saving you money twice.  For less money better energy efficiency and equal structural performance is available making window renewal an achievable home renovation that not only can save money but add value to a home.

Tilt and Turn


cs-color-wheel  4. Customization

Vinyl is an amazing material for its customization options.  The possibilities of painting, laminates, woodgrains and real woodgrain finishes are huge, including our Full Spectrum Color Lab™.  From custom shapes to custom colors, if you can envision it a Vinyl Window can be made of it.

4 Section Patio Door


No Burning  5. Safety

Once your windows are installed you won’t want to worry about safety or have concerns about them being a fire hazard.  Firstly vinyl doesn’t splinter like wood, or have sharp edges that cut like aluminum.  It also has a unique and amazing quality that makes it as safe as possible in a fire, in that it cannot self-sustain a flame.  This means that without a constant source of ignition vinyl can’t burn, making a home with vinyl windows a safer home.

Climate Solutions Factory

Eco Friendly6. Environmentally Friendly

Vinyl is an easily recyclable material and production emits less Greenhouse Gases than comparable composites.  As recognition of its Eco-Friendly status, our vinyl manufacturer, Deceuninck North America has been recognized and is a member on the US Green Building Council.

USGB LogoTilt and Turn Chicago


We hope this article has been helpful for you, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch by using our online contact form, or calling into our office on 1.847.233.9800!

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Awning Windows by Climate Solutions

Awning Windows

Awning windows.  Where can I buy vinyl windows in the Midwest?  Where can I buy vinyl windows in Wisconsin? Where can I buy vinyl windows in Minnesota?  Where can I buy vinyl windows in the Chicago?  The question should be ‘Where should I buy windows?’ and the answer is very simple – Climate Solutions Windows and Doors operating out of Chicago, Illinois.

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Hopper & Escape Vinyl Windows by Climate Solutions

Hopper and Escape Windows

When looking for replacement windows, or maybe starting a new construction project there are many questions you may be asking yourself:  What kind of windows should I buy?  What kind of windows are best?  Where can I buy windows?  Hopper and escape windows?

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Window and Door Delivery Service

Window and Door Delivery Service

At Climate Solutions Windows & Doors we of course pride ourselves on our super high-quality products, but also our incredible customer service, repeatedly being recognize by our clients for the exceptional customer care we provide.  This includes our window and door delivery service.

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FlexScreen ™ Window Feature

At Climate Solutions we take pride in manufacturing custom made to order vinyl windows and doors and even our screens, including the FlexScreen. Our factory headquarters is based in the Chicagoland area where we proudly serve building professionals and architects in the Midwest from Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana and further.

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Double Hung Windows

As the premier vinyl window manufacturer in the Midwest, based in Chicago Climate Solutions is servicing a large area including Wisconsin, Indiana, Minnesota and Illinois and as far afield as Pennsylvania too.  Having spent the past decade carving out a reputation for superior service and quality of product in the field of vinyl windows and doors the company has started rapidly growing and expanding.

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Custom Vinyl Windows and Doors for Window Dealers

Custom Vinyl Windows and Doors for Window Dealers

Climate Solutions Windows and Doors specializes in custom vinyl windows and doors made to the exact specifications of our building professional clients, made specifically for door and window dealers. As a window supplier who directly sells to dealers, builders and architects exclusively it is our mission to provide our clients with the best customer service tools and products to succeed in the marketplace.

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Custom Vinyl Windows and Doors Chicago

Climate Solutions Windows and Doors will be happy to help with your vinyl window and door needs. We are based in Chicago and proudly serve business professionals in the area and across the Midwest. Our products and customer service programs are built to help contractors, architects and building professionals with their building projects.

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Custom Vinyl Windows and Doors Building Professionals

Custom Vinyl Windows and Doors

Based out of Chicago, Building Professionals have been using Climate Solutions Custom Windows and Doors since the company started. We specialize in custom vinyl windows and doors, made to the exact specifications provided by our building professional clients, made only for window and door dealers.

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