Hopper & Escape Vinyl Windows by Climate Solutions

Hopper and Escape Windows

When looking for replacement windows, or maybe starting a new construction project there are many questions you may be asking yourself:  What kind of windows should I buy?  What kind of windows are best?  Where can I buy windows?  Hopper and escape windows?

Window manufacturer Climate Solutions Windows & Doors is based in the heart of the Midwest, Chicago, Illinois.  Producing for a wide area, encompassing Wisconsin, Indiana, Minnesota and more the reputation for high quality and superior customer service have been well-earned and with our expertise we are able to answer those questions for you.

In the Chicagoland area a common concern is the best window for a basement that not only gives good thermal protection but also meets egress requirements (that is minimum net opening so that in the event of an emergency a person can fit through…currently the standard in the US is 5.7 square feet).  By their very nature many basement windows are a bit shorter than regular windows and this can make it harder to hit code.

Climate Solutions has come up with a solution – the Hopper/Escape Window.  From the outside it looks just like a regular window but from the inside the sash tilts in, like a reverse Awning vinyl window but most importantly the entire sash comes out of the window fully.

The Hopper vinyl window and the vinyl Escape window both come with the energy efficiency that has become a hallmark of Climate Solutions’ products, supported by the CS Ultra Spacer – the heart of our eco-friendly vinyl window and door line – a foam, warm-edge spacing system that not only reduces noise and heat transfer but also cuts down on the likelihood of stress cracks and seal failure.

Escape vinyl windows and hopper vinyl windows are fully customizable, with our Full Spectrum Color Lab giving an unlimited amount of exterior finishing options, while for the interior of your vinyl window we have our laminate woodgrains and our custom Paintable Stainable real wood finish too.  Whether you want grids/grilles, Low-Emissivity glass, obscure/frosted or Rhino Glass we can do it.  The window is also equipped with the U-Direct Hardware System in the form of the easiest to use handles possible, that with one simple movement locks the window.

A superb ‘solution window’ the vinyl Hopper window and vinyl Escape window are two exciting additions to the Climate Solutions vinyl window line.

Please feel to call us at 847.233.9800 and will be happy to answer any questions you have in regards to becoming a Climate Solutions Certified Dealer.