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8000 Series Double Hung Vinyl Window

Climate Solutions 8000 Series Double Hung Vinyl Window

The double hung vinyl window is an American Classic; timeless and elegant.  Climate Solutions has been making premium quality windows for over a decade now and the 8000 Series is the culmination of those years of experience.

Double Hung Vinyl Window


Anatomy of the Window

As with all Climate Solutions products, the focus is on quality first – with all components made in the United States of America – meaning the window is truly Made In The USA, not just assembled here.  That includes the night-locks, the tilt-latches, even down to the weepholes and the sloped-sill.

8000 Double Hung

The 8000 Series Double Hung Vinyl Window, with all-American made components

Easy Cleaning

The Double Hung Vinyl Window has two sashes, that move vertically up and down.  For ease and convenience these sashes can be tilted in for cleaning – although they must be moved at least 3″ away from their closed position before titling.

Cleaning Double Hung Vinyl Window

To tilt the sashes simply activate the tilt-latches and lean the sash in.

Security & Locking

The Double Hung Vinyl Window also comes with Night-Locks for security – these allow the window to be open for ventilation without compromising security.

Night Latches

The Night Locks are operated simply from the inside.

The locks on a window are often ignored but in the 8000 Series we chose to use integrated locking hardware, which is recessed into the sash frame.  Not only does this give the tightest seal, it is an ultra-secure cam-lock meaning giving safety and peace of mind.

Recessed Lock

The 8000 Series Double Hung Vinyl Window features recessed and integrated locking components.

CS Ultra Spacer

All Climate Solutions windows feature our CS Ultra Spacer™ technology. This is our foam spacer, which gives superior performance to the more common metal spacer.  It has a secondary seal and features Hot Butyl Melt as an insulator and for barrier protection.

Foam Spacer

Here the CS Ultra Spacer process is shown, beginning with hand applying the foam spacer.

Sloped Sill & Accessories

A key ingredient in the success of the 8000 Series Double Hung is its sloped sill design, meaning excess water simply runs off. Other manufacturers may prefer the pocket sill, which is cheaper to produce but is simply out-performed by the sloped sill.


Innergy Reinforcement, USDA Certified Insulating Foam, Flex Screen

For increased structural support there is the option of the Innergy® reinforcement, made from Rovex® Fiberglass composite it is stronger than steel and is thermally superior.

Another option is our Soy-Based Insulating Foam, the only USDA certified foam available on the market.  In the Double Hung this can make the difference between hitting Energy Star® 3.1 and missing it.

All 8000 Series Vinyl Double Hung Windows come with extruded aluminum half screens, as opposed to the cheaper roll form screens often favored by our competition.  The extruded aluminum half screens are heavy duty and designed to last a lifetime and can be upgraded to a full screen.  Another option is to go for the revolutionary Flex Screen, which will match any color finish and is robust and easy to install and remove as needed.

Summary of Features

  • Multi-chamber virgin-vinyl frame and sash
  • The CS Ultra Spacer™ foam spacing system for optimal efficiency and performance
  • Sloped sill design with built-in weep system ensuring water cannot build up
  • Constant-Force Balance System for easy operation
  • Night Locks
  • Easy-Clean Tilting Sashes
  • Precision made U-Direct Hardware

If you’re looking for a Climate Solutions authorized dealer get in touch with us through our contact page or alternatively call the office on 1.847.233.9800.


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Why Vinyl Windows Are The Right Windows

Why Vinyl Windows?

At Climate Solutions Windows & Doors we manufacture Vinyl Windows and Doors because we truly believe it to be the best material for new construction and replacement windows.  Whether it’s for commercial or residential application read on to find out why Vinyl Windows and Doors are the best option for your project!

Casement Vinyl Window

energy-star-seal-high-res-1  1. Energy Efficiency

Vinyl Windows offer exceptional thermal performance and energy efficiency, in fact all Climate Solutions Windows & Doors can meet and exceed Energy Star standards.  What’s the big deal with Energy Efficiency?  Very simply it saves money on energy bills!  The vinyl has many chambers, which act as insulating pockets to help keep energy from transferring – something you can’t get with traditional wood windows.  Combine the super quality of our frames with the outstanding Low Emissivity Glass and you’ll see the true value of vinyl.

Climate Solutions Chicago

Deceuninck 2. Quality

Not all vinyl is the same and there are inferior products out there.  For our vinyl windows we use only the best:  Deceuninck Sunshield® Vinyl.  The Sunshield® Technology has superior weatherability and performance to regular vinyl that is more commonly used by other manufacturers.  It’s one of the reasons we’re so happy to offer our Lifetime Warranty covering the vinyl because we know it won’t pit, rot, warp, peel or have any defects and it’s the best available.  Another advantage of vinyl and the multi-chambered profiles is that they can be designed to significantly reduce sound transmittance in the home / office.  Climate Solutions Windows are not just assembled in America, they are proudly Made In America.

SunshieldVinyl Profiles


price-icon  3. Price

Vinyl Windows save you money not only on your household bills but it is also significantly less than Wood or Fiberglass Windows to purchase, saving you money twice.  For less money better energy efficiency and equal structural performance is available making window renewal an achievable home renovation that not only can save money but add value to a home.

Tilt and Turn


cs-color-wheel  4. Customization

Vinyl is an amazing material for its customization options.  The possibilities of painting, laminates, woodgrains and real woodgrain finishes are huge, including our Full Spectrum Color Lab™.  From custom shapes to custom colors, if you can envision it a Vinyl Window can be made of it.

4 Section Patio Door


No Burning  5. Safety

Once your windows are installed you won’t want to worry about safety or have concerns about them being a fire hazard.  Firstly vinyl doesn’t splinter like wood, or have sharp edges that cut like aluminum.  It also has a unique and amazing quality that makes it as safe as possible in a fire, in that it cannot self-sustain a flame.  This means that without a constant source of ignition vinyl can’t burn, making a home with vinyl windows a safer home.

Climate Solutions Factory

Eco Friendly6. Environmentally Friendly

Vinyl is an easily recyclable material and production emits less Greenhouse Gases than comparable composites.  As recognition of its Eco-Friendly status, our vinyl manufacturer, Deceuninck North America has been recognized and is a member on the US Green Building Council.

USGB LogoTilt and Turn Chicago


We hope this article has been helpful for you, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch by using our online contact form, or calling into our office on 1.847.233.9800!

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