Getting Ready for Winter

Windows in the Winter

Winter House

Winter is  just around the corner! In Chicago the temperatures are dropping and  snow will be along any day.  With the cold and the time of year certain homeowner concerns crop up – namely the cold and window condensation.

Here are two amazing documents that you can read and download that give plenty of information on the causes and cures for condensation:

Condensation Fact Sheet

Cardinal Fact Sheet



Condensation isn’t caused by windows, but they often get the blame! Condensation is caused by humidity and temperature combining to hit  a ‘dew-point’ which is the moment when moisture in the air forms into water.  By following the instructions on the two fact sheets condensation can be radically reduced if not eliminated completely.

The Three Main Factors of Condensation


The lower the temperature the lower the dewpoint for moisture to form




As the temperature lowers outside it’s important to lower the humidity in the home.  If it gets to 20 below outside inside humidity should be lower than 15%.



Air Circulation

Air circulation can stop condensation forming – think of the mirror in your bathroom after taking a shower – allow air to circulate and the condensation dissipates.


Control the heat, control the humidity and control the air circulation and you will be controlling the condensation!

Don’t let the winter blues get to you – keep your home warm and insulated with Climate Solutions Windows & Doors.  Condensation is controllable with minimal adjustments that well ensure you have a dry and healthy home.

Snow Smilie

All Climate Solutions Vinyl Windows & Doors are energy efficient, using our CS Ultra Spacer® and Low-E glass technology to help save up to 25% on your energy bills.  For more information, or if you are looking for an authorized Climate Solutions partner please get in touch here!

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CS Ultra Spacer Window Spacer

What Is A Window Spacer?

When looking at what makes up a window there is often a focus on the material of the window itself.  This could be vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum or even the glass that goes in it.  Often forgotten yet crucial to that equation is the spacer.  This is the material that goes in between the glass panes to create an air space.

Spacer Diagram

CS Ultra Spacer in a Double Hung corner cut

Window Spacer

The CS Ultra Spacer® Foam Widow Spacer

Spacers can be made from many different materials.  When dual glazing was first conceived as far back as 1865, thick wood or rope were used to separate the panes with a thatch/tar sealant.  Since then aluminum and stainless steel have been used to create ‘box spacers’.  These were pieces of metal folded into an empty box shape that would sit between the panes.

Recent advances in technology have allowed for the development of a multi-polymer foam spacer which has phenomenal insulating performance.  These window spacers are known as Warm Edge spacers.

What’s Wrong With Metal Window Spacers?

Warm Edge CS Ultra Spacer®

From Cold Metal to Warm Foam – the CS Ultra Spacer® is a ‘Warm Edge’ Spacer

While undoubtedly an improvement on rope and tar, metal spacers are an old technology that allows the conduction of heat/cold and the possibility of condensation within an insulated glass unit.

CS Ultra Spacer vs Metal Spacer

It’s clear that the CS Ultra Spacer® outperforms the outdated Metal Spacers!

Another disadvantage of a metal window spacer is that it is extremely rigid and not suited to climates with a wide range of temperatures.  We manufacture out of Chicago, Illinois and our summers are scorching and our winters are brutal but the CS Ultra Spacer® stands up to it all.

Metal vs Foam

Metal Spacers are unable to move with temperature change leading to higher probability of seal failure

What Makes the CS Ultra Spacer® Different?

Climate Solutions is not the only company to use a foam window spacer but we are the only company using the CS Ultra Spacer®.  The combination of foam spacer, double strength glass and a Hot Butyl Melt secondary seal make a virtually impermeable barrier for your windows.  Stress cracks, rusted spacers and seal failure are a thing of the past which is why we offer a Lifetime Warranty on glass failure!

Foam Spacer

Here the CS Ultra Spacer ®process is shown, beginning with hand applying the foam spacer.

All Climate Solutions’ products feature the CS Ultra Spacer® as their spacing system.  Other benefits include a reduction in Sound Transmittance and a significant reduction in the likelihood of condensation.   For a healthier, more energy efficient home, it has to be the CS Ultra Spacer®.

Are you a Homeowner looking for Climate Solutions Windows & Doors?  Use this form to find CS Authorized Dealers in your area.

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