Reducing Condensation

How can I reduce condensation in my home? Here’s our advice:
Advice for Reducing Condensation
•    Reduce moisture sources
•    Stop or severely limit the use of humidifiers, or adjust them to the appropriate setting
•    Run a dehumidifier, if needed
•    Limit plants, aquariums and pets.  If you care for a lot of plants, group them in one sunny room and avoid over watering.
•    Have your gas appliances checked, if you have not recently. Malfunctioning gas appliances can deliver excessive water vapor into the air along with more dangerous contaminants.  Be sure you have a carbon monoxide alarm.
•    Store firewood outside
•    Eliminate plumbing leaks
•    Don’t air-dry clothes indoors
•    Correct grading/drainage problems around exterior of your home
•    Increase ventilation
•    Open windows for a few minutes each day, particularly after steam-producing activities such as showering/bathing, laundry, and cooking.  Heat loss will be minimal.
•    Run kitchen, bathroom, and other fans longer and more often.
•    Improve or add a ventilation system in your home through attic, roof and soffit venting.  Ensure that everything vents to outside.
•    Open blinds and drapes.  Heavy window coverings restrict the flow of warm air over the interior glass surface.
•    Operate ceiling fan to improve air circulation.
•    Increase Air Temperature
•    Raise the temperature inside the house
•    Insulate under the seat and over the head of the bay, bow, and garden windows to keep area warmer.
•    Direct warm-air supplies ducts toward windows or even us a fan for increased air circulation at windows.