What Kind of Windows Should I Put In My Home?

Whether you’re replacing existing windows  or it’s for a new-construction project in your home; there is an important decision to be made – what kind of windows should you put in your home?  There are four main materials used in the manufacture of windows –Fiberglass, Wood, Aluminum and Vinyl.

We rule out Aluminum windows straight away– they perform extremely poorly thermally compared to the other types of window material and there are far fewer options for customization of the looks.  There will be higher energy bills because of the lack of efficiency as well as it being tougher to match existing styles.  Finally, they are typically more expensive than vinyl windows, meaning you get less performance for more money so it’s a no-brainer!

Wood windows come up regularly when people ask ‘What kind of window should I put in my home?’ They do perform well thermally, however they are extremely high maintenance needing to be stained or painted regularly as well as being both susceptible and tempting to insects such as carpenter ants and termites.  Then add to this the significantly higher cost of wooden windows and they become a much less attractive as a prospect.  Expansion, warping and contraction are all frequent occurrences with wooden windows, which can lead to a higher rate of seal failures in the insulating glass units.

Structurally fiberglass is a decent material but it is significantly more expensive than vinyl and can also need repainting, something that you won’t have to do with Climate Solutions Vinyl windows.  Fiberglass frames are simply not as efficient as the multi-chambered vinyl profile we use, which can also be injected with insulating foam. With minimal reinforcement vinyl not only matches fiberglass’ structural performance but massively outperforms it thermally.

Last up is Vinyl – a material that is custom shaped to provide exceptional energy efficiency, which has the great side effect of lowering your bills.  When asking ‘What kind of windows should I put in my home?’ the clear answer is vinyl – it a material known for its versatility which is in part due to its corrosion resistance and durability – meaning it’s a superb long-term material choice for windows as it won’t rust or corrode whilst maintaining high structural integrity.  Vinyl is also a safe choice – it is very hard to ignite and if there is a fire it cannot self-sustain a flame due to its chemical make-up, meaning it will not add to a fire.  Finally, Vinyl Windows are eco-friendly and much greener than you’d expect – the production of vinyl emits less greenhouse gases , they maximize energy savings while in use and can be easily recycled should you ever decide to change your windows.

In a modern age vinyl really is the perfect material for the fabrication of windows – it is cost-effective, reliable, safe and offers exceptionally high thermal performance, helping to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, meaning it is the easy choice when deciding what kind of windows to put in your home.