Climate Solutions Harmony Series Windows ™

Harmony Series Windows

Looking for noise reducing options? Have you thought about noise reducing windows?  Climate Solutions Windows and Doors, out of Chicago Illinois are proud to be introducing the Harmony Series
Windows, all custom vinyl windows.

Near a train station?  No problem.  Under a flight path? We have a solution.  On a busy high volume road?  Sorted.  Looking for peace and quiet? Well…we can help with the outside noise.  The Harmony Series windows add to the already excellent sound reducing properties of Climate Solutions vinyl windows and doors and takes it to the next level.

Located in the Chicaogland area, Climate Solutions supplies vinyl windows to Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois and further afield too.  We have built a reputation of quality and excellence based on our years of service to Chicago and the surrounding area, with our outstanding service and top-quality products , both in replacement window and new construction applications.  Combine that with our ability to produce for residential vinyl window project and commercial construction projects it is easy to see how Climate Solutions have become associated with quality in the vinyl window market.

The first step to reducing the noise transference from outside is a standard component of all of our windows, the awesome CS Ultra-Spacer – a warm-edge foam spacer that straight away brings down your decibel (db) level compared to the inefficient and poorly performing metal spacer, used exclusively by other window manufacturers in the Chicago area.

There are two main routes we recommend taking to reduce noise getting into your house:

Triple Pane glass units or our Climate Solutions NR-Glass® Option.

Ambient noise is measured by on the scale of Sound Transmission Class (STC), which is a rating of how well sound is transmitted or transferred, the higher the number, the better.  To give an idea of what it means, a single pane window will offer an STC rating of 25, at which normal speech can be understood quite easily and distinctly, offering little to no sound protection.

Our Climate Solutions NR-Glass® can attain STC ratings of up to 44 – which is the equivalent of having a double layer of ½” drywall on each side, wood studs and batt insulation in the wall – basically the same as having a full wall between you and the noisy outside.  Our glass works by laminating ultra high quality glass and still offering the full range of Low Emissivity coatings, meaning that not only is the noise kept out but your energy bills are kept low.

The second option is Triple Pane glass.  This uses the space between the glass to act as a barrier between you and the noisy outside world – instead of just having one space between two panes, there are two spaces between three panes, separated by a our high-performance CS Ultra Spacer®.  This extra barrier reduces the sound getting through to the inside of your home and there is still the thermal protection of Low Emissivity glass.


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