Glass Blocks

I have an opening to fill but I don’t want an operating window and I want privacy, what should I do? The answer is glass blocks.  It is an old-fashioned aesthetic and technology but Climate Solutions Windows & Doors know that a vinyl window isn’t always the answer to your project’s needs so we carry the Glass Block line.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of glass block windows?  Well one of the advantages is that because the blocks are sealed with cement mortar it offers better air infiltration resistance than many conventional windows, which can give good thermal efficiency.  They are also difficult to see through and are preferred in a lot of commercial applications for their security.

The disadvantages of glass blocks include limitations on openings, as they can only be ordered in even numbers because of the size of the blocks.  They are also unable to be opened so there is poor ventilation, unless you put in a vent in which case you immediately counteract the thermal benefits.  Another disadvantage is that they weight significantly more than a traditional vinyl window in the same size opening, meaning there can be a need for greater structural strength in the planning and installation.

Climate Solutions Windows and Doors Chicago carries Crystal Wave and Crystal Diamond designs, with optional vents also.  Custom made in the Midwest, if you are looking for glass block windows look no further than Climate Solutions Windows & Doors.

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