Introducing the CS Ultra Spacer ™

The CS Ultra Spacer ™

There’s one element that unites all Climate Solutions Windows & Doors’ units, one component that every vinyl window and door made out of our Chicago factory share – they use the CS Ultra Spacer.

The Ultra Spacer is a warm-edge foam spacer that has the perfect properties for a reliable and energy-efficient window.  What is a spacer? It is the material that separates two (or three in triple pane) pieces of glass and is then sealed around. This space, or chamber, is usually filled with gas and is what gives the glass unit its thermal efficiency. The majority of a window is glass, so having this part functioning at maximum level is the most important.  Other window manufacturers in Chicago use metal spacers, which do not have comparable thermal efficiency and are more prone to failures.

The whole process of applying the spacer shows the dedication to detail that is inherent in the manufacturing process at Climate Solutions Windows & Door. First the panes of glass undergo Edge-Deletion, a technology that many other manufacturers in the Midwest fail to utilize, in which the very edges of the glass are etched to remove any coatings, ensuring the spacer is able to adhere to the flawless surface. There is desiccant in the unit, to absorb any atmospheric moisture, the unit is then filled with inert gas to provide superior thermal performance, and finally the unit is sealed using hot butyl, which sets to give a solid, air-tight seal.

Because of the nature of the CS Ultra Spacer’s properties the material is flexible, meaning that the unit can adjust to temperature changes, giving significantly lower cases of seal-failure and stress cracks in the glass in comparison to older spacer technology, commonly used by window manufacturers in the Chicagoland area.

The CS Ultra Spacer is a superb example of how technology can save you money and also be good for your health – windows made with foam spacers have much lower incidents of condensation, meaning the opportunity for mold, fungi and bacteria to grow in your home is much smaller – and surprisingly common in windows that have regular condensation.

We’re so confident in the performance and quality of the CS Ultra Spacer that our vinyl windows and doors come with a full lifetime warranty against seal-failure.

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