What Should I Look For In A New Window?

Where to Begin?

When it comes to windows, whether they are replacement windows or new construction windows, there are so many options it can be difficult to know where to start.  There are many things to consider and many questions to ask:  ‘What kind of window should I get?’ ‘What material is best for windows?’ ‘Is it important what kind of glass I get?’ ‘What features are important?’  Here, at Climate Solutions Windows and Doors we have got the answer to the question ‘What Should I Look For In A New Window?’

First of all, before knowing what you should look for in a window, what is the type of project you’re undertaking?  Is it replacement windows, new construction, in a historic building?  Regardless of the type of projects vinyl windows are the best window to go for – they are economic, fantastic performers thermally and structurally can be made at least as strong as aluminum or fiberglass windows.

The next question we would ask is what U-Factor are you looking to hit?  This may be a set number to meet village requirements or building codes, or alternatively you may be looking to achieve a certain level of efficiency in your home.  Climate Solutions vinyl windows and doors have an almost unlimited amount of glazing options and can easily exceed Energy Star 2016 ratings.

A final question would be why are you looking to get new windows?  Whatever the answer, Climate Solutions Vinyl Windows can help you out.  If you’re looking to get new windows to save money on bills then Climate Solutions can do that, with our super energy-efficient vinyl windows, incorporating our awesome CS Ultra Spacer, which using foam technology can improve efficiency.  If you’re looking to get new windows to improve your curb appeal, then Climate Solutions is the answer again. We have an infinite amount of color options due to our Full Spectrum Color Lab™, with which we can match any color, as well as having our unique Paintable Stainable material, made from real wood, on top of the vinyl.

When looking for a new window we always recommend speaking to the experts – you can reach one of our friendly advisors on 1-847-233-9800 or alternatively submit a contact from at our website.

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  1. Burt Silver

    I didn’t realize that vinyl windows could be made as strong as aluminum! That is pretty strong. My wife and I have been looking into replacing the windows in our front room. We will definitely have to look into vinyl windows and see if they will work.

    1. Climate Solutions

      Hi Burt – thanks for commenting! If you’re looking for any info or recommendations don’t hesitate to get in touch – wwww.cswindows.com/contact.php

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