Vinyl Window and Door Decorative Options

Vinyl Window and Door Decorative Options

Our vinyl window and door decorative options are plentiful, stylish and top quality.  When asking “What kind of window should I get?” or even “What style of window should I get?” the answer isn’t as simple as ‘Double Hung Vinyl Window’, ‘Vinyl Patio Door’, ‘Tilt & Turn Window’ because with Climate Solutions’ vinyl windows and doors there is an unlimited scope for customization.

Based in the heart of the Midwest, Climate Solutions Windows & Doors is in Chicago, Illinois, serving a wider area encompassing the immediate states of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Indiana and much further afield too.  The company has built its reputation on the highest quality vinyl windows and doors combined with exceptional customer service that has seen Climate Solutions consistently grow year on year.

The most common decorative option is the grid (also known as a grille).  We have numerous configurations available, both in grid type and grid pattern.  The grid type is the design of the actual material of the grid itself – we offer ¾” Contour Grids, 5/8” Flat Grids, White Pencil Grids, Gold Pencils Grids and upon special request V-Groove etched glass.  The Grid Pattern is, exactly that, the pattern of the girds.  The most common configuration is the colonial ‘boxes’, in which the number of vertical and horizontal grids are stated.  We offer Single-Prairie, Double-Prairie and Perimeter Prairie also.

What makes Climate Solutions unique is that we are able to offer two-tone grids with laminate woodgrains, something other window manufacturers in the Midwest are not offering, meaning you don’t have to settle for white grids when you want it to match the beautiful Oak finish on the inside.

All of our grids can be painted and match any color using our Full Spectrum Color Lab™, in which our engineers and color technicians can match literally any color, making Climate Solutions & Doors the easy choice for fenestration in the Midwest.