U-Direct Hardware System™

U-Direct Hardware System™

A window is like anything, it is only as good as the parts that make it up. If you use cheap components, made without care or concern the result will be a shoddy product.  Climate Solutions Windows & Doors has one rule – Quality First, and our U-Direct Hardware System ™ fits into this ethos.

Quality First is an ethic applied to every component and every process within our Chicagoland vinyl window factory, whether we’re making vinyl windows for Minnesota, vinyl windows for Pennsylvania or vinyl windows for Chicago Illinois.

Climate Solutions vinyl windows offer superior thermal performance, saving you money on your energy bills – just changing to dual pane Low Emissivity glass can save you as much as 25% straight away – but what makes us different is we focus on how the window is to use as well. Other vinyl window manufacturers in the Midwest don’t apply the same amount of focus as Climate Solutions Windows and Doors do on the ease of use of the product – the benefit for the homeowner who actually gets the end product.

All of our custom vinyl windows and doors are fitted with our precision engineered U-Direct Hardware System, the Double-Hung, Awning, Hopper, Slider, Casement and Patio Door all feature Made-In-USA hardware in a wide variety of colors, finishes and styles.  The European-style Tilt & Turn vinyl windows and doors feature German made ultra-accurate high quality hardware.

From the locks to the tilt-latches, the rollers to the handles, our U-Direct Hardware System is designed to make operating the windows as easy as possible – opening, closing, locking and cleaning is not something you should have to struggle and fight your window to do.  All of our Double Hung vinyl windows feature our secure night-locks, whilst all our Horizontal Slider vinyl windows come with anti-break-in hardware as a standard.  Your windows should keep you safe, not just from the elements.  The Double-Hung features Constant Force balances and has tilt-latches on every sash, meaning they can be tilted in for easy cleaning, reducing the fuss and difficulty often associated with keeping the outside of your windows clean.  Of course, you can avoid this altogether by going for our awesome NEAT glass, but that’s another story.  Finally, our slider windows feature brass rollers, for a smoother, more durable opening operation.

Casement vinyl windows come with two options for their U-Direct Hardware System, a regular washable hinge or an egress hinge – either way they are operated by the same super high-quality crank arm operating system, designed to be durable and easy to use. There is also a multi-point locking system in the casements, securing to pins within the frame, as well as latching, giving you peace of mind in the security of your home.

Tilt & Turn vinyl windows and doors feature the most secure locking system of all, with over 5 contact points throughout the frame and sash, combined with the tilt-only option making it impenetrable to intruders.  The hardware undergoes a lot of stress in Climate Solutions Tilt & Turn vinyl window series so it has to be to the highest quality, being able to tilt in or turn in and withstand repeated use – our precision hardware is up to the job!

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