Sloped Sill vs Pocket Sill

Sloped Sill vs Pocket Sill

At Climate Solutions Windows and Doors, the best vinyl window manufacturer in the Midwest, based in Chicago, we have built a reputation not only on the superior customer service but also the extremely high quality of the product that we build and sell. When it comes to sloped sill vs pocket sill we have the answers.

Our custom vinyl windows and doors have been designed and perfected by an experienced team of engineers and fenestration experts, optimized to provide the best performance thermally and aesthetically.  The glass is an enormous part of this, however in this article the focus is on our multi-chambered virgin vinyl frame, which gives outstanding energy efficiency as well as structural strength, in particular we’re looking at the drainage and water infiltration of the windows.

Many window manufacturers in the Chicagoland area use Pocket Sills – which is a deep sill (bottom part of the frame) that completely surround the bottom of the sash when it is in the closed position.  While this can minimally lower air infiltration, for all intents and purposes it is a gutter attached to your window and just like a gutter over time will fill with debris and dirt, guaranteed to give structural problems.  While they can look ok, Pocket-Sill windows will not hold up over the lifetime of a window when exposed to the elements.

Climate Solutions Windows and Doors manufactures only the finest vinyl windows and a big component of that is the Sloped Sill that we incorporate into every design.  The Sloped-Sill system is exactly what it says – a sill sloped at an angle, designed so that any dirt and debris can be flushed out every time it rains. Not only is this cleaner but it also avoids the build-up of hazardous and dirty waste inside your windows, there is basically zero-maintenance required and finally a structurally sound window for the long-term. When choosing which custom vinyl windows to go for always choose Climate Solutions Vinyl Windows & Doors.

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