Rhino™ Tempered Glass

Manufacturing custom vinyl windows and doors out of Chicago, Illinois, Climate Solutions Windows & Doors has proven itself excellent in providing the best custom vinyl windows and doors in the Midwest.  Servicing a large area including Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Minnesota means the vinyl windows and doors have many different requirements to meet, both structurally and thermally and our reputation has been built on our successful accomplishment of these goals.

Each and every component we utilize when manufacturing our custom vinyl windows and doors is essential to the overall quality of the units that we put out, from the hand-engineered precision hardware to the quality of the glass and vinyl.  One option that we offer is Rhino Glass, a super-strong safety-glass that is over 5 times more impact resistant than ordinary annealed glass.

One of the benefits of Rhino Glass is how it performs with heat, giving thermal performance twice as good as regular glass – to put it in context normal glass would crack at 100°C Rhino glass will go all the way to 608°F before showing cracks – putting Rhino Glass more than up to the job in the hot summer days.

Rhino Glass can be used in conjunction with our Low Emissivity  glass, meaning you still get all of the superb energy efficiency that you’d associate with Climate Solutions vinyl windows and doors coupled with the benefits of our strongest glass ever.

The unique fracture pattern of Rhino Glass means that it is the safest glass on the market  – whereas normal glass breaks into shards which can be dangerously sharp, Rhino Glass ‘dices’, meaning it goes into relatively harmless blunt fragments, without the sharp cutting edges.  The best thing is that Rhino Glass is certified for instances where safety-glass is required and meets all permit requirements, such as in entry or sliding doors.

Whether you are a dealer, an architect or a building professional there are plenty of applications for Rhino Glass that can add the finishing touch to your projects, giving safety, security and peace of mind.

Please feel to call us at 847.233.9800 and will be happy to answer any questions you have in regards to becoming a Climate Solutions Certified Dealer.