NEAT Glass

All of our customer vinyl windows and doors are made to the highest specifications and undergo stringent quality control, one of the many reasons that Climate Solutions Windows & Doors has become the premier window manufacturer in Chicago.  While Climate Solutions is headquartered in the Chicagoland area we proudly service a wide area, with Climate Solutions vinyl windows and doors being sold across the Midwest, including Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois and Minnesota, whilst there have been projects as far away as Pennsylvania.

We are always looking for additional features that can add to the experience of using our windows for homeowners and NEAT glass is one of the most exciting we’ve seen yet.  Windows shouldn’t be work, they are there to let the light in and to keep the elements out – they’re not something that should be high maintenance, certainly not vinyl windows.  All windows do get dirty however, whether it’s water marks, leaves, smear marks or even bird poop, it’s inevitable you’re going to need to clean your windows to keep your view unobstructed.  This is either costly or time consuming and sometimes near impossible (if you live on a high floor, for example).

Partnered with the geniuses at Cardinal Glass, we’re proud to carry NEAT glass, the best low-maintenance glass coating on the market, which offers an outside surface of glass that repels water and combined with sunlight ‘cleans’ organic matter automatically.

The science behind it relies on the patented ‘sputtering’ process, in which the glass is treated in the factory to make it hydrophilic and it includes Titanium Dioxide, which acts as a catalyst.  To break this down NEAT Glass being hydrophilic means that due to the exceptional smoothness of the glass water is flat on the glass and sheets off quickly. Not only does this give you a better view it also means there are no watermarks on your glass.  Next up, the Titanium Dioxide – this combines with the sun to act as a catalyst, breaking down organic material (such as the aforementioned water marks, leaves, smear marks or even bird poop) and it simply comes off with water, like rain for example.  Simple and you’re left with clean windows!

As glass is the largest component of any window, surely you want the best view possible?  NEAT Glass makes this possible and best of all it is fully combinable with Low Emissivity glass, meaning you can retain the superior thermal performance and energy efficiency you’ve come to know with Climate Solutions vinyl windows and doors while taking advantage of this exceptional product.

Whether you are a building professional, an architect or a dealer, NEAT Glass is an excellent way to add value to a project and a truly beneficial feature to the end user.

Please feel to call us at 847.233.9800 and will be happy to answer any questions you have in regards to becoming a Climate Solutions Certified Dealer.