Metal Spacer Vs CS Ultra Foam Spacer™

The insulated glass unit (IGU) is one of the most important aspects of the functionality and thermal performance of a window. When vinyl windows first started being produced they were made with a metal spacer.

There were a number of reasons for this, one being that the material was easy to come by and its rigid nature allowed it to be installed on assembly line with little difficulty. The problem with this old technology is that a metal spacer is thermally conductive, which means that during those crazy winter cold months the seal around your window also takes on that temperature and gets extremely cold. The same goes for extreme hot weather during those hot summer days. This significantly increases the chances for mold and condensation. The other issue with a rigid metal spacer is that it lacks any sort of give. This is a problem because glass has a tendency to bend and shift when exposed to extreme climates whether hot or cold. This can lead to more seal failures and spacer separation from the glass.

Technological advancements in the last few years have lead to the development of other IGU spacer options, the foam spacer being one of them. The foam spacer is the most thermally efficient window spacer on the market today. Its flexible nature allows for “flexing” with the glass during extreme weather ensuring your IGU seal stays secure no matter the weather outside. Advancements in modern manufacturing allow for successful assembly on a automated factory line. Maybe the biggest advantage of the foam spacer is that fact that it is not thermally conductive. This means that when extreme weather hits your window seal will stay the same temperature and will not take on the temperature of the outside environment and stay neutral. This leads to less mold and condensation and an overall better performing vinyl window and or door.

All of products are proudly made with the CS Ultra Foam Spacer. For more information on our products or the CS Ultra Spacer feel free to call one of our factory showroom sales representatives at 847.233.9800.