LoE-366 Glass

Any custom vinyl window or door is only as good as the parts that make it up, whether it is the quality of the virgin vinyl used for the construction of the frame and sash, the foam CS Ultra Spacer between the panes, the hand-engineered hardware or the glass itself.

At Climate Solutions we have been producing custom vinyl  doors and windows out of our Chicagoland factory for many years now, building a reputation for superior quality and superbly performing vinyl windows and doors.

The physically largest part of any door or window, by area, is the glass and this has the most important job to do – keeping the elements outside and saving the energy, hot or cold, in your home.  You can have a fantastically efficient frame but without high-performance glass you are going to lose enormous amounts of energy through heat transfer.

There have been a number of advancements in windows, starting with dual-pane (double-glazing) technology, which immediately starts to improve efficiency by creating a gap (a chamber) between two glass panes. The biggest technological leap forward comes from Low Emissivity glass which is glass that has been coated with a chemical formula that lets light through but repels heat, lowering the transfer of heat from outside to in, or vice versa.

The first Low-E coatings were hard-coats, which provided an improved performance, but it was the development of soft-coat Low-E glass that gives the best thermal performance.  We have a standard LoE-272 glass, which features two layers of silver, however for optimum performance the recommendation is always Cardinal LoE-366, which has three full layers of invisible silver in its coating.  Not only does that improve the U-Factor, which measures the amount of energy transfer between the window and outside, but it drastically improves the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, massively outperforming LoE-272.  The SHGC is a measurement that shows how much solar radiation that comes through a window or door and reducing it has a number of effects, from letting significantly less heat in to reducing the cause of furniture fading.

All of our insulated glass units made with LoE-366 will include Argon gas as standard, providing even greater energy efficiency.  Not only can it lower your bills but also significantly reduce the likelihood of condensation in your home, thus further reducing the chances of bacteria, mold and fungi from regular water in the home.

We have clients and customers throughout the Midwest buying custom vinyl windows and doors from Climate Solutions’ Chicago based factory, including Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin, featuring LoE-366 glass.  It pairs perfectly with our 8000 Series vinyl windows and doors  to give designer performance with designer looks.

LoE-366 can be used in combination with our super strong Rhino Glass, giving  safety and security in one energy efficient package. It can also be combined with i89 glass to thermal performances that exceed requirements for Energy Star 2016.

All of our vinyl windows and doors are manufactured here in Chicago and regardless of the glass choice will feature our fantastic CS Ultra Spacer, a warm-edge foam spacer that gives the best thermal performance, lowers condensation and reduces the chance of your LoE glass developing stress cracks or seal failure.

Whether you are an architect, a dealer or a building professional there Low-E glass is an essential starting poing for any project, saving homeowners money and giving a far more efficient performance to the home.

Please feel to call us at 847.233.9800 and will be happy to answer any questions you have in regards to becoming a Climate Solutions Certified Dealer.