Convection Versus Drafty Windows

Why is it cold near my windows? Why are my windows drafty? These are just some of the questions that can be asked when you feel cold in your home and suspect your windows may be to blame. If you have purchased a vinyl window or vinyl door from Climate Solutions Windows and Doors then you are guaranteed a quality product.  Manufactured in Chicago, Illinois and sold all across the Midwest the brand of Climate Solutions has been built on impeccable quality but also super customer service.

If you suspect that your windows are drafty it is important to eliminate the possibility of it simply being convection.  Convection occurs when air gives up its heat to the cooler glass and sinks towards the floor. This movement sucks new, warmer air towards the glass that is in turn cooled, creating a draft. What is actually happening is the process of warm air forcing colder air to move due to differing density properties.

Heated air circulates through the home. When it reaches window glass it effectively pushes the existing cold air off of the glass. Convection is actually proof that your new windows are working well and energy efficient.  A tip to reduce the effect of convection is to leave your blinds or window treatments open about 1/4 inch, so that heated air can reach the glass.

Climate Solutions vinyl windows and doors are weatherproofed to ensure you get the best protection possible, from our technologically advanced weatherstripping to the quality of seal at the locking points, you are sure to be protected from the cold with a Climate Solutions window.

If you would like more information on convection and how you can avoid it be sure to call our office on 847-233-9800 or alternatively use the contact form on the website