Casement Windows by Climate Solutions

Casement Windows

The following article is about Casement Windows, specifically casement windows manufactured by Climate Solutions Windows and doors.

Where can I buy vinyl windows in Chicago?  Where can I buy vinyl windows in Milwaukee? Where can I buy vinyl windows in Minneapolis?  Where can I buy vinyl windows in the Midwest?

Climate Solutions Windows  & Doors is proud to service a large area of the United States, selling the highest quality vinyl windows and doors on the market with every component engineered and designed to be beautiful and functional.

The Casement vinyl window is no exception to this, a window that works on a vertical hinge opening either left or right, giving the largest net opening of any window.  Not only does that mean more light is getting into your home it also means that the casement window is a great solution to egress requirements.  What are egress requirements?  Egress is another name for escape – each village, town or municipality will have its own code but the national standard dictates that where applicable a room/floor/basement must have windows that have an unimpeded opening of 5.7 square feet.  While the Double Hung, Slider & Awning vinyl windows are superb windows they have limited openings which can be a problem.  Always make sure to check with your contractor that they know the code.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is a clear message in all Climate Solutions windows and doors and the casement is our best performing window (outside of the commercial Tilt & Turn range), which when coupled with our Low-Emissivity glass meets Energy Star 2016 requirements straight away.  This is in part down to the multi-chamber vinyl design, but also due to the CS Ultra Spacer – the foam warm-edge spacer that provides better thermal performance, sound reduction and significantly reduces the likelihood of stress cracks and seal failure.

When asking ‘What type of windows should I get’ it is important to look at the needs of your project. Casement vinyl windows are stylish and energy efficient and compliment any house or home.  All of our casement vinyl windows are fully customizable available with our Full Spectrum Color Lab giving an unlimited amount of finishing options, while for the interior we have our laminate woodgrains and our custom Paintable Stainable real wood finish too.

Finally, all of our Casement vinyl windows come equipped with our unique U-Direct Hardware System, which with the Casement consists of an operating mechanism, a crank and a security lock. The casement has multi-point locking pins in the frame and sash which combine to give the tightest seal and the most secure lock.  Our standard hardware is ‘Washable’ meaning there is space to clean the windows from inside, making it much more convenient, but if you are desperate for a little more space in the opening to meet egress requirements we have specialist egress hardware at no extra cost.

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