Blinds Between Glass Window and Door Feature

The Climate Solutions 9000 Series Patio Door and Tilt and Turn Series are available with the easy to use Blinds Between Glass Feature. For instant control of light, privacy and heat transfer choose the Blinds Between Glass feature on the 9000 Patio Door or any Tilt and Turn Window or Door.

The Blinds Between Glass system comes built into the insulated glass unit. It is sealed from dust and dirt and is pet and child proof.  No dust or dirt helps to decrease allergens in the home. There are zero cords or other external parts exposed to breakage. You won’t have to sacrifice thermal  performance and can still meet and/or exceed Energy Star requirements with the Blinds Between Glass feature. Our unique patented Blinds Between Glass system is available with all of our high performance Low-E 366, Low-E 272, i89 glass and tempered Rhino Glass™ packages.

The controls are built for easy operation with little effort or fuss with cords and tilt wands. There are conveniently located controls located to allow for easy raising, lowering and tilting of the Between Glass system. No reaching or stooping is required.

Our blinds are built to last and are extremely durable. All of the Blinds Between Glass is backed with a 5 year warranty. No denting, chipping or crimping will ever occur as this blind system is completely enclosed and will never come in contact with potentially hazardous environments that would impede its functionality.

For more information on the Blinds Between Glass System in the 9000 Patio Door Series or the Tilt & Turn Window and/or Door feel free to call us at 847.233.9800 and speak to one of our factory sales representatives. 

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