BioFoam™ High Performance Insulating Foam

Introducing our new BioFoam™ Insulating foam feature. A low density insulating foam that is biodegradable is an available feature on all 8000 Series windows. Overall thermal efficiency up to 8 percent can be achieved with our BioFoam™ Insulating foam feature.

BioFoam™ Insulating Foam is certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Bio Preferred Program. The USDA program is aimed at providing new markets for farm commodities. BioFoam™ is a soy based material. Soybeans are renewable materials that reduce greenhouse gases and lower global warming potential compared to petroleum based products. BioFoam™ is the only known expanding foam product that is a USDA certified bio-based product on the market today and performs significantly better than its petroleum based alternatives.

Windows with foam filling have a warmer surface and resist condensation and mold better than windows without foam. BioFoam™ has achieved the lowest K-Factor (measurement of thermal resistance) of any two-part window foam currently available on the market. While our high performance glass packages can meet and exceed Energy Star requirements, BioFoam™ can also be used to achieve these results. Our BioFoam™ insulating foam is a fire retardant and can also be used to address current or future fire code issues.

For more information on the BioFoam™ feature for the 8000 Series windows or general questions feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable factory sales representatives at 847.233.9800