Bay, Bow and Garden Windows by Climate Solutions

Bay, Bow and Garden Windows

Climate Solutions prides itself not only in being the premier vinyl window manufacturer in Chicago, but in putting our customer’s needs first and always looking at ways to improve our already excellent customer service.  This includes our excellent Bay, Bow and Garden Windows.

Bay Windows, Bow Windows & Garden Windows are a perfect solution to an age-old problem – an opening’s size can’t be made any bigger but you want more space and light.  Instead of going wider or taller, go out of the home.

The first question many people ask is ‘What is the difference between a bay window and a bow window?’   The difference between bay and bow windows is that a bay window has three openings, typically available in 15°, 30° and 45° angled projections.   A bow window will have four or more openings, or windows, at Climate Solutions we offer four-lite, five-lite and six-lite bow windows.  The bow window has more curved structure, which from the outside can give a rounded appearance.

Our bay and bow windows are unique because they are structural windows, meaning they are strong, sturdy and built to last.  It goes without saying that you can reap all the normal the benefits associated with Climate Solutions vinyl windows and doors, including CS Ultra Spacer, Low-Emissivity glass, four-point welded virgin vinyl frames, but also you get a hand-crafter superior bay or bow box that comes with Edge Banding and an Insulated seat as standard, giving an R9 rating.

As with all Climate Solutions custom vinyl windows and doors, the bay and bow windows are fully customizable, whether it’s the interior finishing, the type of wood for the structure or even one of the many bespoke roofs, there are plenty of options to satisfy all designer and aesthetic needs.

Garden Windows are all glass and are perfect for growing plants in, or simply to let more light into your home.   Available with soft-coat Low Emissivity glass, the Garden Window is a superb addition to the Climate Solutions family.

Like all of our products, we supply bay, bow and garden windows across the Midwest, including Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin, and like all of our products they are covered by the same fantastic Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Please feel to call us at 847.233.9800 and will be happy to answer any questions you have in regards to becoming a Climate Solutions Certified Dealer.