8000 Series Vinyl Windows by Climate Solutions

Climate Solutions 8000 Series Vinyl Windows

Anyone can buy a low quality window off of the shelf of a big box chain store and throw into an opening. At Climate Solutions we believe the quality of the window and door a home owner chooses is the most important decision they can make in relation to the comfort and thermal efficiency of their home and nothing makes a bigger statement about this than the 8000 Series Vinyl Windows.

No matter how well a home is built and maintained, if its windows and doors are not performing at full capacity the entire home becomes thermally inefficient and costly to maintain. This leads to failure of other functions of the home such as A/C and Heating and an overall faster deterioration of the home.

An 8000 Series Vinyl Window or Door made by Climate Solutions is custom made to order according to our customers exact specifications. The 8000 Series carries the “HQ” certification, which means it offers the largest and highest quality selection of designer features.

Some of these designer features include full color range and color matching through our in house Full Spectrum Color Lab™, several wood grain options and a real wood surface that is paintable and stainable, German made and designed U-Direct Designer Hardware System™, the revolutionary FlexScreen™, High Performance and environment safe bio foam and a multitude of other custom options.

The 8000 Series offers a full range of window styles including Double hung, Slider, Casement, Awning and Hopper windows. There are a number of features that come standard with the 8000 Series. These features include recessed U-Direct Designer hardware that is built into the frame for better sight lines. The window frames are 30% thinner than popular big box vinyl windows for more glass viewing area, we like to refer to this as a window with an HD view. Sliding windows feature rust resistant self lubricating brass rollers which are made in the USA. Our windows are assembled using our patented Full Fusion Welding System™ for sturdy and seamless construction. Casement and awning windows are equipped with the stainless steel dual and triple Trust Multi-Point Locking System™. Lastly our 8000 Series windows are made with the CS Ultra Spacer™ insulating glass sealing system creating less condensation and lasting 9 times longer than a non-foam spacer.

Like all of our products, the 8000 Series Vinyl Windows are custom made in our Chicagoland factory. For more information about the 8000 Series feel free to call us at 847.233.9800 or use our Online Contact Form.