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Grids & Grilles

Grilles & Grids

We often talk about being a ‘Custom Manufacturer’ and making Custom products.  This can be as simple as the size of the window -for example Climate Solutions does not carry ‘stock’ sizes, every single window is made to the individual requirements of each project.  It also refers to the options on each window – whether that’s the color and finishes available,  the energy-efficient glass packages, or the grids or grilles that are available between the glass.

Grids Grilles DH

Double Hung Vinyl Windows with Colonial Style Grids

Why Choose Grids?

Grids are a great way to accent a window system, a theme and the overall look of your project.  Available in numerous materials, finishes and unlimited patterns they allow both meeting existing styles and stating your individuality.

Prairie Grids with Patio Door

This Patio Door looks great with Prairie Grids

Some HOA’s require new windows and doors to match a certain aesthetic, even specifying the exact pattern and type of grid.  Other projects might be emulating historic or modern stylings and have an extremely specific remit. Either way, Climate Solutions can help!

Grid Styles

There are two things to consider when choosing grids – the type and the pattern.

Grid Type

Grilles are between the glass, meaning there’s no need to clean or maintain them.  We offer three main grid types: Contour, Flat & Pencil:

Grids, Contour

3/4″ Contour Grids

Grids, Flat

5/8″ Flat Grids

Grids, Pencil

3/8″ Pencil Grids


Grid Pattern

Grid Patterns are available in Colonial style , Prairie or Perimeter Prairie and Custom designs.

DH Colonial Grids

Double Hung with Colonial Pattern Grids

DH Single Prairie Grids

Double Hung with Single Prairie Grids

DH Perimeter Prairie Grids

Double Hung with Perimeter Prairie Grids

Grilles can be in one or both sashes and match the color scheme of the window as standard.  They are available in all Climate Solutions windows and doors – talk to your window professional to discuss the design that works best for your project!

For more information, or if you are looking for an authorized Climate Solutions partner please get in touch here!

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Getting Ready for Winter

Windows in the Winter

Winter House

Winter is  just around the corner! In Chicago the temperatures are dropping and  snow will be along any day.  With the cold and the time of year certain homeowner concerns crop up – namely the cold and window condensation.

Here are two amazing documents that you can read and download that give plenty of information on the causes and cures for condensation:

Condensation Fact Sheet

Cardinal Fact Sheet



Condensation isn’t caused by windows, but they often get the blame! Condensation is caused by humidity and temperature combining to hit  a ‘dew-point’ which is the moment when moisture in the air forms into water.  By following the instructions on the two fact sheets condensation can be radically reduced if not eliminated completely.

The Three Main Factors of Condensation


The lower the temperature the lower the dewpoint for moisture to form




As the temperature lowers outside it’s important to lower the humidity in the home.  If it gets to 20 below outside inside humidity should be lower than 15%.



Air Circulation

Air circulation can stop condensation forming – think of the mirror in your bathroom after taking a shower – allow air to circulate and the condensation dissipates.


Control the heat, control the humidity and control the air circulation and you will be controlling the condensation!

Don’t let the winter blues get to you – keep your home warm and insulated with Climate Solutions Windows & Doors.  Condensation is controllable with minimal adjustments that well ensure you have a dry and healthy home.

Snow Smilie

All Climate Solutions Vinyl Windows & Doors are energy efficient, using our CS Ultra Spacer® and Low-E glass technology to help save up to 25% on your energy bills.  For more information, or if you are looking for an authorized Climate Solutions partner please get in touch here!

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8000 Series Double Hung Vinyl Window

Climate Solutions 8000 Series Double Hung Vinyl Window

The double hung vinyl window is an American Classic; timeless and elegant.  Climate Solutions has been making premium quality windows for over a decade now and the 8000 Series is the culmination of those years of experience.

Double Hung Vinyl Window


Anatomy of the Window

As with all Climate Solutions products, the focus is on quality first – with all components made in the United States of America – meaning the window is truly Made In The USA, not just assembled here.  That includes the night-locks, the tilt-latches, even down to the weepholes and the sloped-sill.

8000 Double Hung

The 8000 Series Double Hung Vinyl Window, with all-American made components

Easy Cleaning

The Double Hung Vinyl Window has two sashes, that move vertically up and down.  For ease and convenience these sashes can be tilted in for cleaning – although they must be moved at least 3″ away from their closed position before titling.

Cleaning Double Hung Vinyl Window

To tilt the sashes simply activate the tilt-latches and lean the sash in.

Security & Locking

The Double Hung Vinyl Window also comes with Night-Locks for security – these allow the window to be open for ventilation without compromising security.

Night Latches

The Night Locks are operated simply from the inside.

The locks on a window are often ignored but in the 8000 Series we chose to use integrated locking hardware, which is recessed into the sash frame.  Not only does this give the tightest seal, it is an ultra-secure cam-lock meaning giving safety and peace of mind.

Recessed Lock

The 8000 Series Double Hung Vinyl Window features recessed and integrated locking components.

CS Ultra Spacer

All Climate Solutions windows feature our CS Ultra Spacer™ technology. This is our foam spacer, which gives superior performance to the more common metal spacer.  It has a secondary seal and features Hot Butyl Melt as an insulator and for barrier protection.

Foam Spacer

Here the CS Ultra Spacer process is shown, beginning with hand applying the foam spacer.

Sloped Sill & Accessories

A key ingredient in the success of the 8000 Series Double Hung is its sloped sill design, meaning excess water simply runs off. Other manufacturers may prefer the pocket sill, which is cheaper to produce but is simply out-performed by the sloped sill.


Innergy Reinforcement, USDA Certified Insulating Foam, Flex Screen

For increased structural support there is the option of the Innergy® reinforcement, made from Rovex® Fiberglass composite it is stronger than steel and is thermally superior.

Another option is our Soy-Based Insulating Foam, the only USDA certified foam available on the market.  In the Double Hung this can make the difference between hitting Energy Star® 3.1 and missing it.

All 8000 Series Vinyl Double Hung Windows come with extruded aluminum half screens, as opposed to the cheaper roll form screens often favored by our competition.  The extruded aluminum half screens are heavy duty and designed to last a lifetime and can be upgraded to a full screen.  Another option is to go for the revolutionary Flex Screen, which will match any color finish and is robust and easy to install and remove as needed.

Summary of Features

  • Multi-chamber virgin-vinyl frame and sash
  • The CS Ultra Spacer™ foam spacing system for optimal efficiency and performance
  • Sloped sill design with built-in weep system ensuring water cannot build up
  • Constant-Force Balance System for easy operation
  • Night Locks
  • Easy-Clean Tilting Sashes
  • Precision made U-Direct Hardware

If you’re looking for a Climate Solutions authorized dealer get in touch with us through our contact page or alternatively call the office on 1.847.233.9800.


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What’s the difference between Bay and Bow Windows?

Bay and Bow Windows – What’s The Difference?

Bay and Bow Windows are one of the most popular options for a large opening – it adds depth to the interior and definition to the exterior.


A 4-Lite Bow Window with Copper Roof

When considering a Bay/Bow the first question always asked is ‘What is the difference between Bay and Bow Windows?’

A Bay Window is typically made of 3 openings, with a picture window (fixed) in the center. Normally the angles of the opening are set at 15, 30 & 45 degrees – although custom angles are available.

3 Lite Bay

A classic 3-Lite Bay Window, with Casement Windows

A Bow Window can have numerous openings, typically from 3 – 6, equal sized windows with the overall shape of the unit curved (like a Bow).  Normally the flanker (end) windows will operate, with the rest fixed windows but any configuration is possible.

4 Lite bow

A classic 4-Section Bow Window\

Both  Bay and Bow Windows are wooden structures that hold windows and are built into the home.

Are All Bay & Bow Windows The Same?

No they’re not!  While the idea is the same, there are many differences between the ‘boxes’ that hold the Windows.  For example, Climate Solutions gets its boxes through Bayworld Mfg, a dedicated specialist in Bay, Bow & Garden construction.  They only use furniture grade wood that is 1 1/4″ thick, as opposed to the more common 3/4″ ply that other manufacturers use.

Bayworld Mullion

Structural Mullion

Plastic Mull

A cheap plastic mull can lead to structural problems

Another important part of a Bay or Bow Window is the mullion (or join) used between the windows.  Bayworld use only Structural Mullions, which are super strong and secure.  It is more common for manufacturers to use flimsier plastic mullions, which over time will allow movement in the unit.

Because of inferior products, Bay and Bow Windows can have a bad reputation for Energy Efficiency – but this is covered with insulation in the ‘seat’ of the box.

Seat insulation

Insulated Seat for Bay/Bow Windows

What Kind of Windows Can Go In Bay and Bow Windows?

The most common windows to feature in Bay and bow Windows are either Double-Hungs, Casements or Picture Windows.  The configuration of them is completely customizable.

6Lite Bow

A beautiful 6-Section Bow Window

For more information get in touch through our website or call into our office on 1.847.233.9800!

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What’s NEAT Glass and Why Should I Get It?

NEAT Glass, Neat Technology

One of the most under-appreciated and lesser known options is NEAT Glass – an amazing add-on to your windows that can make a huge difference everyday.

Cardinal NEAT Glass

What is NEAT Glass?  Less cleaning, better views!  It is an invisible coating on the outside of your windows that makes them ultra-low maintenance and gives better visibility/drying time when it rains.

The coating has a reaction when sunlight and rain combine that breaks down organic material (fingerprints, leaves, bird droppings, etc.) and ‘cleans’ the window.


The science behind NEAT is down to the coating we mentioned – it’s Titanium Dioxide that is applied to the glass in a process known as ‘sputtering’.  This gives the glass a super-smooth surface, at microscopic level, causing it to become hyrdrophillic, meaning the water is repelled from the surface.  Instead of it forming in drops, it sheets off the surface. This then combines with the catalytic coating will helps keep the windows cleaner for longer.

NEAT Glass comparison

Ordinary Glass vs NEAT coated Glass

The surface lasts a lifetime and uses nothing more than the weather to help reduce the housework for a homeowner.  Best of all it’s completely invisible, meaning there’s no impediment to visibility.   It is also fully compatible with Low-Emissivity coatings meaning there’s no risk of losing Energy Efficiency.

To get NEAT Glass on your Climate Solutions windows be sure to let your dealer or contractor know that you’d like it!

See NEAT Glass Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to find out more about NEAT Glass you can watch the video below, from our Youtube Channel or get in touch with us through our Online Contact Form.


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CS NEAT Glass FAQ’s:

I just had my windows installed and the NEAT glass isn’t working when it rains?

The NEAT takes up to 2 weeks to become activated – it relies on the UV rays from the sun to charge up the coating.

If I have NEAT Glass does it mean I can’t have Low-E Glass?

Not at all – the NEAT coating is on the outside surface of the window, meaning it can be combined with any glazing option (LoE-272, LoE-366, i89).

It’s not rained for weeks, do I have to scrub my windows?

No – If there’s been no rain all you need to do is spray the windows with some water and that will make the coating work – no scrubbing needed!


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Why Vinyl Windows Are The Right Windows

Why Vinyl Windows?

At Climate Solutions Windows & Doors we manufacture Vinyl Windows and Doors because we truly believe it to be the best material for new construction and replacement windows.  Whether it’s for commercial or residential application read on to find out why Vinyl Windows and Doors are the best option for your project!

Casement Vinyl Window

energy-star-seal-high-res-1  1. Energy Efficiency

Vinyl Windows offer exceptional thermal performance and energy efficiency, in fact all Climate Solutions Windows & Doors can meet and exceed Energy Star standards.  What’s the big deal with Energy Efficiency?  Very simply it saves money on energy bills!  The vinyl has many chambers, which act as insulating pockets to help keep energy from transferring – something you can’t get with traditional wood windows.  Combine the super quality of our frames with the outstanding Low Emissivity Glass and you’ll see the true value of vinyl.

Climate Solutions Chicago

Deceuninck 2. Quality

Not all vinyl is the same and there are inferior products out there.  For our vinyl windows we use only the best:  Deceuninck Sunshield® Vinyl.  The Sunshield® Technology has superior weatherability and performance to regular vinyl that is more commonly used by other manufacturers.  It’s one of the reasons we’re so happy to offer our Lifetime Warranty covering the vinyl because we know it won’t pit, rot, warp, peel or have any defects and it’s the best available.  Another advantage of vinyl and the multi-chambered profiles is that they can be designed to significantly reduce sound transmittance in the home / office.  Climate Solutions Windows are not just assembled in America, they are proudly Made In America.

SunshieldVinyl Profiles


price-icon  3. Price

Vinyl Windows save you money not only on your household bills but it is also significantly less than Wood or Fiberglass Windows to purchase, saving you money twice.  For less money better energy efficiency and equal structural performance is available making window renewal an achievable home renovation that not only can save money but add value to a home.

Tilt and Turn


cs-color-wheel  4. Customization

Vinyl is an amazing material for its customization options.  The possibilities of painting, laminates, woodgrains and real woodgrain finishes are huge, including our Full Spectrum Color Lab™.  From custom shapes to custom colors, if you can envision it a Vinyl Window can be made of it.

4 Section Patio Door


No Burning  5. Safety

Once your windows are installed you won’t want to worry about safety or have concerns about them being a fire hazard.  Firstly vinyl doesn’t splinter like wood, or have sharp edges that cut like aluminum.  It also has a unique and amazing quality that makes it as safe as possible in a fire, in that it cannot self-sustain a flame.  This means that without a constant source of ignition vinyl can’t burn, making a home with vinyl windows a safer home.

Climate Solutions Factory

Eco Friendly6. Environmentally Friendly

Vinyl is an easily recyclable material and production emits less Greenhouse Gases than comparable composites.  As recognition of its Eco-Friendly status, our vinyl manufacturer, Deceuninck North America has been recognized and is a member on the US Green Building Council.

USGB LogoTilt and Turn Chicago


We hope this article has been helpful for you, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch by using our online contact form, or calling into our office on 1.847.233.9800!

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How To Choose The Right Window Installer

How To Choose The Right Window Installer

You’ve made a great first step and decided you want the superior quality that is guaranteed with Climate Solutions – but now to find a contractor or dealer to install them.  A 2014 survey by Angie’s List found that a staggering 50% of people were unhappy with their contractors – how can you avoid this and how to choose the right window installer?

How to choose the right window installer

It goes without saying that if you’re looking for honest, reliable and experienced installers we have a wealth of clients who we can put you in touch with; just head to our Contact Form and give us a few pieces of information.

6 Questions To Ask Your Installer

If, however you have someone already in mind or are looking to try a new contractor, here are the top 6 questions you should ask to help ensure you choose the right window installer:

How to choose the right window installer 1. Are you Licensed, Bonded & Insured?

This is really important – you want to make sure all work and your property are insured if there is an accident.  A licensed and bonded professional helps ensure that you’re more likely to be working with a reputable contractor and it also gives you more options for action if something does go wrong.

How to choose the right window installer 2. What is the schedule for the project?

It’s pretty obvious, but you need to know how long the project is going to take and what work/disruption it entails.  A good general contractor should be able to give you a detailed breakdown of what they are proposing to do and how long it should take.

How to choose the right window installer 3. Who will be carrying out the work?

Make sure you know who will actually be doing the work – how can you choose the right window installer if you don’t know who will be doing the work? Ask if they intend to subcontract, in which case find out who will be doing the work and check their credentials (see question 1). Back this up by asking for referrals and online research.  Do be  aware that review sites can be a good indicator but not a perfect reflection of a business.

estcalc 4. Is this a fixed quote or an estimate?

An estimate is exactly that – it is not a guarantee of the final price.  Any pricing should be confirmed in writing, in a contract.  Pricing itself may be a Fixed Proposal or it may be Time & Materials – depending on what you choose.

How to choose the right window installer 5. Will you take care of permits and meeting regulations?

A big part of any project is ensuring they hit all of the appropriate codes and regulations – remember there isn’t a universal set of rules – they will vary depending on where you live!  Navigating the minefield that can be permits is often very daunting for a homeowner and it is one of the many ways a real professional can help and should be a high priority in choosing the right window installer.

How to choose the right window installer  6. What paperwork will I get upon completion?

Whether it is liens, warranties or checklists of work completed, it’s important to know what you will receive once the project has been finished.  This documentation is key because it is a record of what has been done and may be necessary as proof of work done.

How to choose the right window installer

Two real estate agents working with a contruction home builder

Following these six easy steps will show you how to choose the right window installer and make the whole process a little less stressful!

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Where Can I Buy Climate Solutions Windows?

Where Can I Buy Climate Solutions Windows?

One of the most common questions people ask is ‘ Where can I buy Climate Solutions Windows? ‘  We have an extensive network of building professionals, contractors, dealers, architects and developers, having built an outstanding reputation for supreme quality vinyl windows and doors as well as second-to-none customer service.

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What Causes Condensation – Exterior Condensation


Why do I have condensation on my windows? What causes condensation on windows? How do you stop condensation?  These are all questions that get asked, especially around the end of fall and the beginning of winter as the temperature drops significantly and people notice the environmental changes and sometimes the appearance of moisture on their windows. This article focuses on exterior condensation and it’s causes.

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