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Flex Screen – The Ultimate In Screen Technology

Flex Screen

What are the options with screens?  Half or Full, right?  Wrong – there is now the Flex Screen, a  full screen that is designed to fit into any channel and gives unlimited flexibility with customization.

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Flex Screen Points

There are many advantages to the Flex Screen!

The Flex Screen gives a larger viewing area, with no bulky frames blocking visibility.  It’s easy to use, easy to clean and best of all it is extremely durable.

What Windows Can Come With The Flex Screen?

All Hopper Windows come with the Flex Screen as standard.  On Double Hung and Slider Windows it is an optional upgrade.  The Flex Screen is a full screen.

Custom Colors

A common problem with custom colors is screens can chip when painted.  The Flex Screen eliminates this problem and can be used with any color window as it doesn’t have a visible frame.  This means any painted windows (except bronze or black) will automatically come with the Flex Screen!

Why Go Flex Screen?

It’s a unique product that has all the advantages of a full screen,, along with a strength and flexibility allowing it to be installed and removed as necessary.  Best of all it gives full viewing of the window by sitting within the screen pocket and no need for tiresome color matching!

For a full use guide, check out the Flex-Screen Full Guide!

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FlexScreen ™ Window Feature

At Climate Solutions we take pride in manufacturing custom made to order vinyl windows and doors and even our screens, including the FlexScreen. Our factory headquarters is based in the Chicagoland area where we proudly serve building professionals and architects in the Midwest from Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana and further.

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Introducing the Revolutionary FlexScreen


Screens have never been the most exciting window feature. They serve an obvious purpose but never seem to do much more than that, at least up until now. We are excited to introduce the revolutionary FlexScreen upgrade option on all of our 7000 & 8000 Series windows (standard on hopper windows).  Named “Most innovative window component” by Window & Door Magazine, the FlexScreen design features a PVC coated, high performance spring steel frame. The frame is sturdy and tested to withstand a fall from 5 stories. The beauty of its design is its simplicity. Simply hold the screen in your hands… bend the sides in… and fit FlexScreen into your screen track. FlexScreen hides in the window screen pocket, drastically improving sight lines and eliminating the need for color matching. Your windows will never look or feel better.

Call your Climate Solutions rep for more information today on 1-847-233-9800 or use our Online Contact Form.