What’s NEAT Glass and Why Should I Get It?

NEAT Glass, Neat Technology

One of the most under-appreciated and lesser known options is NEAT Glass – an amazing add-on to your windows that can make a huge difference everyday.

Cardinal NEAT Glass

What is NEAT Glass?  Less cleaning, better views!  It is an invisible coating on the outside of your windows that makes them ultra-low maintenance and gives better visibility/drying time when it rains.

The coating has a reaction when sunlight and rain combine that breaks down organic material (fingerprints, leaves, bird droppings, etc.) and ‘cleans’ the window.


The science behind NEAT is down to the coating we mentioned – it’s Titanium Dioxide that is applied to the glass in a process known as ‘sputtering’.  This gives the glass a super-smooth surface, at microscopic level, causing it to become hyrdrophillic, meaning the water is repelled from the surface.  Instead of it forming in drops, it sheets off the surface. This then combines with the catalytic coating will helps keep the windows cleaner for longer.

NEAT Glass comparison

Ordinary Glass vs NEAT coated Glass

The surface lasts a lifetime and uses nothing more than the weather to help reduce the housework for a homeowner.  Best of all it’s completely invisible, meaning there’s no impediment to visibility.   It is also fully compatible with Low-Emissivity coatings meaning there’s no risk of losing Energy Efficiency.

To get NEAT Glass on your Climate Solutions windows be sure to let your dealer or contractor know that you’d like it!

See NEAT Glass Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to find out more about NEAT Glass you can watch the video below, from our Youtube Channel or get in touch with us through our Online Contact Form.


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CS NEAT Glass FAQ’s:

I just had my windows installed and the NEAT glass isn’t working when it rains?

The NEAT takes up to 2 weeks to become activated – it relies on the UV rays from the sun to charge up the coating.

If I have NEAT Glass does it mean I can’t have Low-E Glass?

Not at all – the NEAT coating is on the outside surface of the window, meaning it can be combined with any glazing option (LoE-272, LoE-366, i89).

It’s not rained for weeks, do I have to scrub my windows?

No – If there’s been no rain all you need to do is spray the windows with some water and that will make the coating work – no scrubbing needed!


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Climate Solutions Named in Top 100 Manufacturers 2017


Climate Solutions Windows & Doors has been honored for the first time as one of North America’s Top 100 Manufacturers.  The annual report, compiled by Window & Door Magazine, doesn’t just focus on sales but quality of product and service provided.

Climate Solutions Factory

Climate Solutions’ Franklin Park factory features state-of-the-art fenestration technology

Climate Solutions Windows & Doors has been operating in Franklin Park for a decade, manufacturing custom vinyl windows and doors with an emphasis on designer style and energy efficiency.  “It is great to be recognized,” said Mario Nalepa, CEO and President of Climate Solutions.  “It caps an exciting 12 months of growth for our business, where we have opened a new commercial division, introducing the Tilt & Turn Series.”  Every window and door is made to the individual specifications of each project, with an unlimited color palate and extensive design options.

Condo Blocks

The Tilt & Turn has many commercial applications, including high rise

For the past ten years Climate Solutions has built relationships with the premier dealers and contractors in the Midwest.  “This gives us an opportunity to direct consumers to authorized dealers and installers in their neighborhoods,” continued Mario.  “Lead generation has become increasingly digital and we are finding that our website has become a significant tool for us and our clients.”

Climate Solutions Casement Top 100 Manufacturers

Stylish design and unlimited color options makes Climate Solutions’ windows perfect for any project

Climate Solutions ascribes the growth to quality but also being always prepared for the next industry development, focusing on new products and services.  These range from the new technology with the Flex Screen system, integrated blinds between the glass in doors and windows, and even operating shape windows.  The report is good news for the window and door industry, showing a trend of growth for replacement and new construction projects, something Climate Solutions has seen mirrored in the Chicago and Midwestern market.

For more information call 1.847.233.9800 or use our contact form to get in touch.

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