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 Climate Solutions is proud to partner with Supreme Windows Inc. to offer an exclusive series of the highest quality Vinyl Windows.  Featuring Full Spectrum Color Lab™ technology, premium vinyl and glass the Supreme Series is the culmination of many years research and development.


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Energy Savings Features & Options


CS Ultra Spacer

A spacer keeps a window's dual glass panes the correct distance apart for optimal airflow between panes. Too much or too little airflow can affect the insulating glass efficiency. The design and material of the spacer can also make a big difference in the ability to handle expansion and contraction and thus reducing condensation.

We use the CS Ultra Spacer®, a foam spacer with zero metal that uses Warm Edge technology to provide superior thermal performance.

Spacers Good To Bad

All of our products come equipped with our high performance CS Ultra Spacer® and it very clearly out performs metal and metal-based spacers.  This reduction in heat transmission means a significantly lower risk of condensation and the associated effects of it.

Our Ultra Spacing System® combines the foam spacer with Double Strength Glass as standard, meaning that the rate of stress cracks and seal failures are incomparable to products using alternative spacers and glazing options.  Due to the nature of the foam, the units are able to adjust to extremes in temperature without compromising the integrity of the unit.

Metal vs Ultra Spacer


High Performance Foam

CS Foam

Our foam filled windows use the first polyurethane window foam with renewable agricultural content that improves its environmental impact. It is the only window insulation foam that has achieved certification as a BioPreferred® product from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), significantly exceeding the USDA's criteria for renewable agricultural content in a plastic insulating foam.

In addition to its "green" soybean based properties,  Our high performance foam provides these benefits:

  • Better thermal performance
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Reduced condensation on windows
  • Fire-retardant properties

Foam is only available in 8000 Series Windows.

National Fenestration Ratings Council


NFRC has developed and operates a uniform national rating system for the energy performance of fenestration products, including windows, doors, skylights, and similar products. The linchpin of the Rating System is a procedure for determining the thermal transmittance ("U-factor") of a product. The U-factor rating procedure is supplemented by procedures for rating products for solar heat gain coefficient ("solar heat gain" or "SHGC"), visible transmittance ("VT"), air leakage ("AL"), and condensation resistance ("CR"). Together, these rating procedures, as set forth in documents published by NFRC, are known as the NFRC Rating System. All of our products are NFRC rated to ensure to the highest quality standards.

Energy Star Certified

Energy Star

As a manufacturer in the Midwest, we take pride in making our windows and doors capable of withstanding the most extreme weather. Not only are we a proud Energy Star partner but our products are Energy Star qualified in all 50 states. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your windows are made up to the highest Energy Star standards in the US.

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